Since 1997, PERC has endeavored to fill two gaps modern day natural gas utility operators face in meeting daily demands.

First, provide field services and product technical support in the areas of discipline where application and preventative maintenance expertise is required, but often in short supply. Be sure the technicians and project managers providing service and support are highly trained, properly equipped and insured with the right coverage’s for utility requirements.

Second, offer innovative products through customer friendly logistics services that create and maintain new efficiencies for the utility so they can save time and money in meeting the industry’s ever-increasing supply and compliance demands. PERC utilizes many supply channels, distribution partners and logistics solutions to efficiently stock and supply products to its end use customers.

It is the combination of these two important offerings that make PERC a needed part of the natural gas industry’s everyday activity. As a women owned business undergoing WBENC certification, PERC will look to utilize all available resources to help our customers achieve their diversity goals.

PERC offers these field services through factory authorized and Operator Qualified technicians

  • Odorization
    • Odorizer & Tank Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance & Training
    • Pipeline Conditioning (Pickling)
    • Tank & Odorizer De-commissioning
  • Pipeline Heat
    • Water Bath Heater maintenance, optimization, inspection & training
    • Cold Weather Technologies (CWT) Heater maintenance, optimization & training
    • Water Bath Heater Burner Management System design and installation
    • SRS Program – Safety, Reliability & Standardization built into your pipeline heater with added extended warranty services
  • Regulation & Flow Control
    • Full service commissioning, repair and maintenance on Becker flow control valves and instrumentation
    • Start up and maintenance services on a variety of pressure regulators
  • Ultrasonic Measurement
    • Clamp on check metering services
    • Flow signal provision through ultrasonic metering
  • Plug Valve Maintenance
    • Consulting & training services
  • Tool Repair & Calibration Services
    • Repair & Maintenance services on a variety of PE pipe electrofusion, squeeze off and mechanical pipe joining equipment

PERC offers field service in the Northeast U.S. through these Service Centers

  • Richmond, VA (South)
  • Dubois, PA (West)
  • Boston, MA (New England)
  • Boonton, NJ (Central)
  • Rochester, NY (Upstate)

PERC offers logistics services and distribution solutions across the United States
through these Distribution Partners:

  • Mulcare Pipeline Solutions, Inc. – Northeast
  • Groebner – North/Southcentral, Mid/Southwest
  • Equipment Controls Company – Southeast
  • Bartlett Controls – Southeast
  • Marieco – Southeast
  • Devtech – Southeast
  • K2 Controls – Southcentral
  • Tri-Pacific Supply – West & Northwest
  • Nelson Technologies – Midwest

PERC offers these products in North America through qualified distribution partners

  • Valves and Valve Tooling
  • Odorant Detection & Chromatography Instrumentation
  • PE Electrofusion Fittings, Processors, Pipe Scraping & Alignment Tooling
  • Anti-Static Solution
  • Steel Pipe Cutting & Welding Tools
  • PE & Steel Squeeze Tools
  • Line Heater Burner Management Systems
  • LLFA Tape Leak Repair System for PE, Cast Iron & Steel
  • Leak Probe Bar/Drill Bit Pulling Solution

PERC is an active member of the following industry organizations

  • American Gas Association (AGA)
  • Northeast Gas Association (NGA)
  • Energy Association of PA (EA of PA)
  • Society of Gas Operators (SOGO)
  • Gild of Ancient Supplers (GILD)