Ultrasonic Check Metering

A Siemens calibrated clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter provides a complete measurement picture for your specified application without the requirement to break existing piping. Any time interval for measurement can be chosen.

Options: Our technician can install/monitor a meter and provide a complete report on flow, temperature, and pressure.

Rent a fully outfitted meter to conduct your own testing. Weekly and monthly rental terms with training available.

Turbine Meter Test & Repair

Technician will disassemble, clean and inspect your Mark II or Auto-Adjust turbine meter. Damaged components will be replaced per the manufacturer recommendations and the reassembled meter will be calibrated as per AGA guidelines. A full calibration report is provided and the warranty is upgraded to match that of a new meter.

Turbine Meter Upgrade & Trade-In Program

Get a discount on the purchase of a new Sensus Auto-Adjust dual rotor turbine meter with the trade in of any Mark I, Mark II or competing turbine meter. Discounts are tiered and increase with the volume of trade in units.

Electronic Pressure & Temperature Recorder Calibration

Technician will download and calibrate your instrument transducers on-site and change batteries as necessary. Full service report provided.

Turbine Meter Training

Complete turbine meter training seminars tailor made to your specific needs. Topics include but are not limited to: theory & fundamentals, system design, installation/operation/maintenance, data interpretation and troubleshooting. An introduction to volume corrector and associated electronics also offered.

Measurement Consulting

Our expert consultant reviews your flow requirements and other operating parameters, suggests an appropriate metering solution and can assist with designing the appropriate installation and confirm your project timeline.

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