NJEX Odorizer Installation

Technician will provide and install all tubing, valves and fittings required to make the connection of a new or replacement NJEX odorizer to a tank, pipeline and gas supply as required by code. Turnkey odorization systems available. Choose our Swagelok® Orbital Weld tubing installation option to insure a leak free system.

NJEX Odorizer System Startup

Technician provides hands-on start up programming, commissioning and testing of the NJEX unit as well as training on operation, maintenance and repair.

NJEX Odorization System Annual Maintenance

Technician rebuilds all major system components on-site and submits a service report extending your system warranty on the mechanical components serviced.

NJEX Odorization System Training

Sessions cover complete theory of operation, diagnostic review, troubleshooting and hands-on maintenance training.

DTEX Sniff Testing System Training

Sessions cover complete theory of operation, software use and reporting, federal, state and local regulations, hands-on field testing, personnel qualifications and sample point review.

Odorization Consulting

Our expert consultant can help you plan your next project, review your current odorization program and even review specific incident data to offer experiential testimony.

Pipeline Conditioning/Pickling Service.

We recognize that delivering properly odorized gas is critical to safety and often challenging to do with new pipeline or in low flow areas of existing systems. Odor fade, odor masking and odorant adsorbtion/absorption are well understood by our experts. Whether it be steel or plastic, our team will evaluate all aspects of your pipeline conditioning/pickling requirements and deliver a plan to safely and effectively condition your pipeline. Our advanced conditioning and monitoring technology, combined with over 50 years of experience, uniquely positions us to complete your project properly and cost effectively. When complete, you will have a conditioned pipeline, a report showing consistent short term results and a sustainable long term solution insuring that you are properly odorizing the gas going through that pipeline.

Odorizer & Cylinder Rentals

Technician will deliver, install and startup a portable odorizer sized to meet the required flow conditions for temporary odorant injection. Use our equipment to supplement your existing system or handle a new pipeline conditioning/pickling requirement. Odorant storage cylinder with or without liquid odorant can be provided. Odorant transfer service from your existing tank also available.

Odorization Equipment, Tank & Building Remediation

Our technicians will arrange to safely and securely remove your old mercaptan waste and wetted infrastructure. Technician will ensure compliance with all regulations for removal and transport.

Liquid Odorant Delivery & Transfer

Our expert consultant reviews your flow requirements and other operating parameters, suggests an appropriate metering solution and can assist with designing the appropriate installation and confirm your project timeline.

Odorant Transfer

A technician will safely transfer any quantity of liquid odorant from one tank or cylinder to another. We utilize a closed loop system and time-tested processes to insure safe, quick and odorless transfer.

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