Incorporating the PERC Compact Odorizer Skid, the system can be built utilizing a Model 6300, 7300, 8300, 6302, 7302, 8302, 6373, 6383 and 7383 NJEX odorizer.  Available vertical odorant cylinders are 28, 57 and 120-gallon capacities centered over the dual trailer axels. The odorant cylinder containment provides 110 percent capacity.  Swagelok® valves and fittings are utilized for connections. An optional clamp on style ultrasonic meter provides the ability to inject odorant proportional to flow.  Other equipment includes a vacuum scrubber with 25-foot hose, 30-gallon spill kit, actuation gas polyhose, liquid odorant stainless steel braided hose, odorant sight glass assembly, portable loading ramp, and Odor Handy Plus electronic odorant concentration measuring device.

The trailer is built to a Class 1 Division 2 design with solar panels for recharging the odorizer battery power. A work bench with floor and overhead cabinet provide ample storage and work area. Safety features include welder In-wall and In-floor steel plates for attaching equipment, dual side man doors for access from either side, D.O.T. approved flashing yellow lights, robust nitrogen cylinder holders, external valve boxes for liquid odorant, actuation gas and communication connections and a wall mounted 20-pound fire extinguisher.