Regulator & Relief Valve Repair

Complete inspection, disassembly and rebuild of your regulator and/or pilot utilizing factory authorized procedures and O.E.M. replacement parts. Manufacturer’s recommended pressure test of final assembly is completed.

Control Valve Repair & Maintenance

Expert assistance for rebuilding and retrofitting any GE Becker or VRG valve, control valve, and instrumentation/accessories.
Services include:
• Field troubleshooting/consulting
• Installation and commissioning
• Valve and stem lubrication service
• Repair and reconditioning of the following components:
– Valves: ball valve stem seals, actuator cylinder tube and piston seals
– Instrumentation: pilots, pneumatic positioners, digital positioners
• Instrumentation package upgrade installation for old or obsolete systems

Regulator & Relief Valve Training

Sensus (formerly Rockwell) & Flowsafe regulator and relief valve theory of operation, application & specification review, troubleshooting and hands-on maintenance training provided.

Regulation & Flow Control Consulting

Our expert consultant reviews your minimum and maximum flow requirements, suggests appropriate regulation solutions, plans piping configurations and confirms your project timeline.

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